Your Sponsorship Could Purchase a Plank

Sponsored plank Sponsored plank

One metre of decking plank, which is presently being replaced with a replenishable hard wood called Ekki from a well respected and managed renewable source, will cost over £10 to purchase and fit. The following list shows how you can sponsor planks of varying sizes:

NB: Due to overwhelming initial response, there could be a very substantial delay in excess of one year before messages can be engraved on planks. We can only engrave on remaining new planks already in place.

We have a special Pier Restoration bank account, which can be used directly for anonymous contributions should anyone wish to help in this way: NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK, THE MARSH, HYTHE, SO45 6ZN

How to apply?

You will find an application form, available to download, which should be returned to us with your requirements and payment. All funds raised will be used solely for the pier restoration.